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Leybold Ceravac CTR100N sensor - RS232 protocol

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I already contacted the manufacturer, but I wonder if anyone had to deal with this device before (or other similar Leybold pressure sensor)?

I have found several Leybold controllers which come with RS232 LV driver, but I am not sure whether the protocol syntax should be similar when we deal with a direct PC<->sensor config, and not with a PC<->controller<->sensor one...?

I attach the device pdf sheet, and the detailed manual for a Leybold controller, "Graphix 1-2-3". The controller has detailed RS232 protocol description, but I find zero RS232 documentation for the sensor itself, for standalone usage.

My ex-colleagues asked me to help, so that is why I seek this info. I will have the chance to visit them soon, and then I can test some serial comm with the cabled pressure sensor at their site.


Thanks for any advice/hints! 🙂


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I put here the RS232 doc for the CTR100N and 101N models, as I promised, just got it now from Leybold.

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