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Let's Create Some Voice to Text!

So I was at work doing a tedious task that requires you to write pass fail after every test (less than 5 seconds per test)  So I thought LabVIEW can do anything right!?  Let's make a Voice to Text to cut this test time in half!


And so came the beautiful stroke of (stupidity)

I'll be honest I'm kind of proud because I'm usually slow when it comes to innovation and creativity.  I came up with this in only 2 hours!



  • I found this site It has a very clean voice to text.
  • I downloaded Axife Mouse Recorder (Demo) I've used this mouse recorder for years because of it's simplicity.
  • Press record on the Axife mouse recorder (while there is already text in the speechtexter box).  
    • Press the save button
    • Delete the text
    • Say something
      • Repeat the last 3 steps as a few times with roughly 5 seconds inbetween each you would hit the save button
    • Press Stop on Axife Mouse Recorder
  • Go to the VI (Attached below) Change your directory string on the block diagram (it's labeled with "Edit this to your download directory" (It should end in \downloads\))
  • Choose an excel file that you would like to save the data too.
  • Press play on LabVIEW and play on the Axife Mouse recorder
  • Start talking

Watch the magic happen on the excel sheet!Smiley LOL


Please feel free to give some suggestions/edit the code/or make your own. 


I'll to add a "go to next column" voice command next.


Let's have fun with this!


Studying for CLA.
LabVIEW, inherit from social media habits!
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There is an error in the original code, "Format Date/Time String" will remove the numeric 0's when converting.  That causes an issue when the time is 00:XX:XX    Will fix later >.<

Studying for CLA.
LabVIEW, inherit from social media habits!
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Thanks for sharing this code! Definitely a creative use of LabVIEW and relatable use case.

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My pleasure, I had fun doing it!


Here's a version that I use now for ESD desting.  This one deletes the downloaded files and has quite a few more features as well.  Also please let me know if anyone has figured out a way to implement voice to text in LabVIEW with out using other voice to text programs.


(It still cannot be run between 12:00AM and 9:59AM because I will never use it at that time)


Studying for CLA.
LabVIEW, inherit from social media habits!
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Awesome! I would also recommend posting this to the Code Exchange on the community website so it can gain more visibility as you add functionality. This exchange might also be a good place to look for other users who have created voice-to-text programs in LabVIEW. A quick search shows there may be a few results that could help in your application!


"NI Code Exchange":

Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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