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Lenovo touchpad scrolling

Lenovo 3000 N100 touchpad vertical (but not horizontal) scrolling worked in LabVIEW

Lenovo SL510 touchpad scrolling does not work at all (in LabVIEW, not other Windows windows: explorer, paint). Mouse scrolling works fine

Any other touchpad developers who encountered this and can help?

Where is bug: in LV, Lenovo (or my hands =)? 


PS: Horizontal scrolling I mean from any point of the window, not move mouse over horizontal scrollbar and use regular scrolling.


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install the corresponding touchpad driver. if u already installed make sure that service is running in the background...

Rajesh Raghavan Nair

Certified LabVIEW Architect
Certified Teststand Architect
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Rajesh, have you seen touchpad horizontal scroll working in LV? 

The scroll works in other programs - the drivers are installed. In LV help it works.

I think, LV handles mouse on front panel and block diagram at a lower level. Touchpad scrolling starts as mouse down (light touch (tap) is mouse down) and it is not processed, that touch may become a scroll. It can become a double click - it is handled. Try processing double click as an event. First it gives you single mouse down (not a double click), then a second mouse down with double click flag true.

I am not aware of internal LV functionality, but some of the forum members may be, they can at least agree or disagree (with arguments) with the above conclusion.

If I am right, the scroll is not supported and will not be supported for a long time. 

Or I may be wrong, then I need an example: Minimum: "it works". Better: "solved this that way"

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