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Launch Daemon EXE's causes processor to max out

I have an application that launches up to 40 instances of the same EXE with the command prompt.  Each EXE creates a unique TCP connection back to the Main UI and collects data via an internally developed .NET .dll.  I had this working in LV 2010 but then I had to make a change which required me to update the .NET dll which also required a .NET update from 3.5 to 4 (This update may or may not be important).


The problem I have is when the EXEs are launched, the PC's CPU is stuck at 100% and eventually crashes the EXEs. If I scale back the amount of EXEs in order to get them to launch and collect data the CPU usage is back down to about 10-15%.  and everything runs fine.


It seems that there is some kind of "Windows 7 Check" that I am unaware of that is making the processor max out when launching these EXE's.  The command prompt that launches the EXEs are in a loop and the wait time was incrresed from 200mS to 500mS and it does not seem to help.   


When the EXE crashes a prompt pops up after clicking View log the following is dispayed:

#Date: Wed, Mar 13, 2013 4:09:24 PM
#OSName: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
#OSVers: 6.1
#OSBuild: 7601
#AppName: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

#Version: 12.0f3 32-bit
#AppKind: AppLib
#AppModDate: 03/13/2013 19:23 GMT
#LabVIEW Base Address: 0x30000000

Possible path leak, unable to purge elements of base #0




Any comments would be greatly appreciated



Windows 7 Professional SP1 64BIT I7 processor

Labview 2012 32Bit

8GB Ram

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Have you tried cutting down the number of TCP connections? It seems like this may overload the network and shutoff some connections.

Carl W.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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