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Labview on FPGA


We are very new to Labview8.6 (CompactRIO FPGA ) application. 

We are developing Test Bench application powered by Labview 8.6

In this we have created "*.lvproj" using NI cRIO-9074 controller offline(without hardware).We want to add "NI 9144 8 - slot Deterministic Ethernet Chasis" in this project.

But we are unable to create expansion chassis in to the project (without hardware).

Is it possible to configure without hardware for simulation purpose? Please suggest.


Thanks inadvance for suggestion...




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I am not sure exactly hoe cRIO works but I know with regular NI harware you can go into MAX (measurement and automation explorer) and set up simulated devices.


You could try doing that.

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Hi Sachin,


Yes, you can create an offline NI 9144 in the LabVIEW Project.  Simply download and install the free NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT driver onto your host computer.  The next time you open LabVIEW, create an offline cRIO-9074 and then right-click on the cRIO to create an offline EtherCAT Master Device.  Right-click on the EtherCAT Master Device to add an offline NI 9144, and then right-click on the NI 9144 to create an offline C Series module of your choice.  You won't be able to receive simulated data from these I/O channels, but at least you can program them in the block diagram before you actually have any hardware.


Hope this helps,

Irene B

National Instruments

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