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Labview for Arduino driver issue and LED control with pin13 of Arduino


Hi All,

I am a new user for Labviewer and thanks for looking my problem.


1. The first question is Arduino FW uploading issue, please find attached photo for status of after I uploaded with LIFA_Base.ino. I don't know why the LED always turn on at LED-pin 12 and LED-pin 10 after I uploaded the LIFA_Base.ino to Arduino UNO board. is this a normal status i don't thing so. I had attached the LIFA_Base.ino because i am not sure whether i have to modify some thing on the LIFA_Base.ino before upload it.


2. I write a program by labview to control LED13 of Arduino but it is not working, please find the attachment, please advise if any, thanks.








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Please attach a regular zip file.  Most people have not bothered to download special zip programs to handle .7z files.

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Update, I attach the ZIP file for review, thanks for feedback.

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