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Labview Software Verification and Validation

Does anyone know where I can find information on verifying and validating LabVIEW software?

Is there a book on Amazon that I can read?

Maybe a PowerPoint online?

In my previous work,

I have written a test requirements document and then did a functional verification test report, and that's basically it.

Would this be the same? I am not a quality person so don't know how to explain this to a start-up company.






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There is some software that works with or alongside LabVIEW that could possibly help.


LV compare 

LVcompare works by comparing two VIs to see what the differences between them are.  Similar to a text diff, but for LabVIEW VIs.  It can help track down the actual changes in the VI so that you can focus on what's changed, if you're doing a validation of code that worked before but has since been altered and needs revalidating.


VI Analyzer toolkit

This does a scan of all VIs in a list to look for potential problems.  It comes with quite a lot of checks and you can write your own, or you can check the VI analyzer enthusiast forum to see what people have already made.  


Unit test framework

The unit test framework is the closest thing LabVIEW has to automated code checking that actually runs code (the previous two just look at it).  It has the disadvantage that it requires the most hand-on involvement as you have to create every test yourself.


I suggest you look into these 3 options a bit and see if any of them are what you were hoping for in general, and then look for more specific help on the ones you decide to pursue.

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