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Labview Runtime Engine 2021

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Greetings Everyone,

This is driving me crazy. Computer is windows 10 with no Labview ever installed. A co-worker created a program for me in Labview 2021 to analyze some data and sent me the executable along with the .ini and alias file. I am fairly literate in Labview but have not had the chance to install on this new PC at work. I originally installed RTE 2021 and got the error shown. I then installed the latest patch SP1 f2 in case that was the issue. Same result. "Unable to locate Runtime Engine Labview 2021." Does anyone have any ideas? Do I need to install VISA Runtime also? Or something else? The program essentially reads all the data files in a selected folder, creates an array of failures to view, and calculates First Pass Yield. Unable to get help from the author for a few days as he is out on vacation. You can see in the image that the RTE is installed as indicated in NI Package Manager. I even tried doing a repair to the RTE to no avail. I have Administrator rights on the PC. The RTE was installed directly from the NI Website using the Download Manager.


Any ideas????




Unable to locate Runtime Engine 2021Unable to locate Runtime Engine 2021

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Have you also tried to install the 32 Bit runtime engine?

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I haven't but great suggestion. Will do that now. Nothing to lose...

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