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Labview Report Generation: To create MS Word files with multiple language

Hi LV experts..

English version of the report is succesfully created.

how could i create other language like Germany and Swedish together?


please help.



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I'm assuming you have the English Language version of Word installed.  Since Word outputs (more-or-less) what you put into it, there is nothing stopping you from inserting eine kleine Deutsche (that's probably not the right way to say "a little German", but never mind ...).  The only problem might be accented characters, but the common ones can be represented as characters in LabVIEW (for example, I created a string constant, and if I type "This is a tèst", I get what I hope looks like the word "test" with an accent grave over the e (I typed this here by holding down the Alt key and entering 0232 on the numeric key pad -- 0232 is the character code for e-accent-grave, you can look it up in the Windows Character Map).

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as of now, we use 3 different template for each language.


i'm hoping that in the MS Office Report Generation Toolkit would have something like localization "en-GB", "fr-FR" etc.


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