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Labview Lockups when Right Clicking in Project Explorer

I've recently move a large project from Labview 2020 to 2023. I'm seeing long lockups upon right clicking items in the project explorer. There's no spinning wheel. No idication that Labview is working on something. Labview just simply stops responding. It always comes back after a few minutes, but it's killing my workflow. Anyone else experiencing this with 2023?

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Check the solution from here:


It sounds like it could be affecting you too.

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Thanks for finding that! I don't know why my searching didn't turn that up as it seems to be spot on to what I'm seeing.


I saw the suggestion that it's likely the actor messaging scripting. Any hint at what is broken or what to do when you narrow it down to the faulty one? I use that stuff a lot (AF heavy project). I can't go without.


[edit] realized the thread you linked it's too old, so I'm asking questions there too.

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