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Labview Diadem Connectivity



For a project I am going to make measurements in a Labview2013 program. This program is connected with DIAdem through the Labview DIAdem connectivity VI's (version 3.0.2). I have two versions of Diadem installed, 2012 and 2015. When I call a script in, made with DIAdem 2015, to run via Labview it does not work. The script includes resampling, which is not supported by DIAdem 2012. And this is where the script ends when called from Labview. So I think the connectivty VI's are refering to DIAdem 2012. Where can I check and change this to DIAdem 2015?


Hope to hear soon.

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-Do you get any errors or it just simply stops?
-Can you create a simple VI maybe simple addition and check if it works in both scripts.
-Check by Mass compiling the VI if it works
-Check by Building a source distribution that includes VI.lib (unchecking the "exclude files from vi.lib" box) in the "my source distibution properties" dialog.
DIAdem and its components are basically executable under the preconfigured Microsoft Windows user accounts from User upwards. DIAdem must be installed with complete administrator rights.

If you operate various DIAdem versions on one computer, you only have the entire range of functions in each version if you have administrator rights.
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Hi uday,


Thanks for your reply.


The problem lies not in Labview, that part works fine. 

The error I get in DIAdem is: Variable is undefined: 'ChnResampleFreqBased'. After the error DIAdem quits. I think the connectivity VI's refer to DIAdem 2012 instead of DIAdem 2015. Because this command is only available in DIAdem 2015.

Is there a place where you can see which version of DIAdem is being referred to by the connectivity VI's? Perhaps somewhere in the Windows registry?



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