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Labview 8.6 Crashes while importing SO

I have a Shared library that I built using the following and when I try to import it using the Import Shared Library wizard Lab view crashes.


        g++ -fPIC -shared -Wl,-soname, -o ${APIOBJECTS} ${DETAILOBJECTS} ${OBJECTS} -L../..
/../utl/Common/XML/ -L../../../utl/Common/Exceptions ${COTS_ECLIPSE_BOOST_LIBDIR_38}/libboost_thread-gcc41
-mt-1_38.a ${COTS_ECLIPSE_BOOST_LIBDIR_38}/libboost_filesystem-gcc41-mt-1_38.a ${COTS_ECLIPSE_BOOST_LIBDIR_38}/libboost_
system-gcc41-mt-1_38.a ${COTS_ECLIPSE_BOOST_LIBDIR_38}/libboost_regex-gcc41-mt-1_38.a ${COTS_ECLIPSE_BOOST_LIBDIR_38}/li
bboost_date_time-gcc41-mt-1_38.a ../../egse_api/libEGSEAPI.a -lXML -lExceptions -lc




I'm using Labview 8.6 and when the crash occurs I get the following error:


LabVIEW caught fatal signal
8.6 - Received SIGSEGV
Reason: address not mapped to object
Attempt to reference address: 0x98
Segmentation fault


 I can create a shared library with a very simple so of the following:


#MakeFile : test.o
    @echo Building Library
    gcc -shared -Wl,-soname, -o test.o -lc

test.o : test.c
    @echo Building ABC
    gcc -fPIC -g -c test.c -o test.o


//from test.h

int sum(int i, int s);

//from test.c

int sum(int i, int s)
   return i+s;


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Hello Michael,


What operating system are you calling you library on? Also is there a .cpp error that occurs when restarting LV? Is there a dump file that you could provide?

National Instruments
RIO Embedded Hardware PSE

CompactRIO Developers Guide
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