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Labview 2017 x64 & MySQL .NET Connector

Good Morning all, 


Up until now I have been using Labview 32bit with the Database Connectivity Toolkit for 70% of my applications. Unfortunately the Database Toolkit is not supported under Labview 64bit so I`m looking for alternative methods of connection. (.NET seems the best option so far)

Can anyone help me with the implementation of the .NET connector in National Instruments Labview. 

I`m trying to set up a simple VI to which I can pass an SQL statement and, depending on that statement, return a string array of data or a confirmation. 

So far i`ve not had any luck using the .NET connector for this. Below is the sequence from my attempt so far; (dataSet is created using System.Data.DataSet(String dataSetName) 

Constructor - MySQLConnection, 
Property Node - MySQLConnection(ConnectionString), 
Property Node - MySQLConnection(OpenAsync), 
Property Node - SqlDataAdaptor(SelectCommandText,SelectConnectionString), 
Property Node - SqlDataAdaptor(Fill,dataSet) 

I`m not sure what I should do next to read the data? Should I use MySQLCommand.ExecuteReader ? I`m guessing I would also need to use .NetObject to Variant and then Variant to Data? 

Any help would be greatly received, ( I know the error lines aren't connected yet ....




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I have found it easiest to translate VB.NET code to LabVIEW.

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Hi nyc,


Thank you for that info, i`ll have a look through and try to convert to MySQL .NET connector commands.




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Just to complete this thread for everyone coming across it newly: You can find a potential answer here: .NET Dataset for LabVIEW 64-bit (without LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit)



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