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Labview 2010 and internet toolkit 2012

We at our company are using labview 2010 for creating quick test applications.


I've recently created a program that uses features that are linked to the internet toolkit.

When creating an installer and installing the application on another system it didn't work, i later found out that you need internet toolkit installed in order to use these features.


In order to install the toolkit i have to install labview. Is it also possible to just have the runtime engine installed (2010 version) together with the interInternet toolkit 2012 in order to use these functions?

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In the application builder you can make an EXE.  I assume you know this because you mentioned it.  You can also make an installer for that EXE.  When you do that you can choose to add "Additional Installer".  These are things you'll need if you are deploying to a fresh machine.  The LabVIEW RunTime Engine will be one of the items you can select, and the Internet Toolkit should also be listed.  Make an installer that includes these things and you should be able to install it on a fresh machine with no LabVIEW development for it to work.  I have never used the Internet Toolkit so I do not know if there is a deployment license that costs money or not.  When you first go to use it, it will prompt you to run as a trial if there is.

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I don't recall ever having to install the toolkit when I built an exe but it's been a few years. I only remember a license for development. If you do need to install parts of it, it must be the same version. If you lost the original installer, check with NI or your local Sales Engineer about the older version and your license number.

Also, the toolkit has been deprecated with many of the functions being included with LabVIEW so a separate install and license is no longer required.
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Like Dennis already said toolkits do not have to be installed allong with executables that you have build from a LabVIEW VI. However some toolkits need you to do some special actions when building the executable and some toolkit require run-time licenses. Can you specify some more what the issues are which you see whne installing the executable on the target system? And what features are you using from the internet toolkit?


Many thanks in advance for the additional information,



Rik Prins, CLA, CLED
Software Development Engineer
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Below is a screenshot of the program, its just a small program to test http communication timing.
When executing the build file on a other system with only the runtime engine installed the program skips straight through the each cycle, not showing anny communication an having a delay time of 1ms, so i believe the HTTP GET and SSL are not being executed.

I tried installing the toolkit sepperately on this system, but it showed a popup the programming enviroment should be installed.
doing a standard installation of labview on this computer resolved the issue. When creating the installer i don't see any option to add the internet toolkit to the installer.

But since the internet toolkit now is a standard feature i tought it could be possible to install it seperately, but i can only find an installation package for the 2012 version.





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Like mentioned before the internet toolkit does not have to be installed on the target PC. If VI where missing from the executable, it will not run at all and return an error stating it is missing VI's. What I think happens is that the toolkit VI's are in an error state but since you do not stop the loop on an error the loop will just continue to run and because of the error it is not doing anything. You can do a couple of things:


1. Debug the executable. How that is done is described in the following KB:


When you are connected to the running executable you can use the normal debugging methods like probes to see what happens. Especially the error line would be good to monitor.


2. Let the loop stop on an error. The executable will then show the error (if any) in the error cluster.


3. Monitor the error line within the loop to see if there is an error occurring.


Let me know what the outcome of one of these actions is.



Rik Prins, CLA, CLED
Software Development Engineer
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Hello Rik,


You are correct, the error i recive is the following:


code: 1380


Complete call chain:



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Ok, based on the error code I found the root cause of this issue. This is a known issue with SSL in LabVIEW 2010 (and internet toolkit 2010). The problem is that for some reasson the SSL VI's require a toolkit license to be activated on the PC to be able to function. In the development environment that is ofcourse the case but not in the run-time engine. This issue was fixed in LabVIEW 2011. So building the executable in LabVIEW 2011 or higher will not have this issue. Do you have access to LabVIEW 2011 (or higher)?



Rik Prins, CLA, CLED
Software Development Engineer
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Unfortunately our liscense only goes to 2010...

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I will see if there is a workaround.

Rik Prins, CLA, CLED
Software Development Engineer
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