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LabView Web Server

Hello All,

I am attempting to use the LabView Web Server engine in order to allow a user at another site run my VI. However I continously get crashes from the server. When I try to run simple VI's it seems to have no problems at all, but for the real VI this is not the case. It continously crashes, even sometimes as I hit the run button. I have seen it run through the code a bit,(it sets up a function generator and i've seen it set it up) but usually crashes before the end. I saw a note about the web server not being compatible with polymorphic VI's; which I have now removed as far as I can tell. Can you search for polymorphic VIs? Does anyoneknow anything that is prone to making the Server crash?

These are some commonly used VI's.
Property Node
Local Variable
TI's DSP Toolkit.
Agilent 33220A GPIB Labview Plug and Play Drivers.

Any help will be very appreciated.

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I came across this discussion forum that provides a good checklist of things to consider when troubleshooting LabVIEW web server crashes. If these don't help, let me know and we'll see what other possibilities we can find.

Have a good one!

Tyler S

Message Edited by TylerS on 06-10-2005 11:54 AM

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Could you please reply my problem I just posted?
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