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LabView + Ardino IR remote

Hello! This is my first post here hope I'm doing this right. Please go easy on me =')


So I just started using LIFA a few days ago and was trying to connect the remote that came with the Arduino starter kit (Elegoo EL-KIT-003) but couldn't quite understand how it works. This is how i connected the IR receiver: connected the ground and 5V pins to their respective places on the uno board and then connected the signal PIN to digital pin 11. 

I set up the VI to read the digital input from pin 11, but all it outputs is the change from HIGH to LOW whenever i press any of the button on the remote. I don't understand how to assign different functions to each button if all they do is change High to low? Any help would be appreciated thank you ❤️


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Hi Issa.Smily


I think it will help the forum users understand what you are doing and the problems you are having if you can send some pictures of your VI. Also are you more curious on how to set up the hardware or how to program your setup in LabVIEW. 


Michael B.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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RemoteRemoteIR recieverIR reciever

I'm trying to use the buttons on the remote to control the digital I/O pins on my Arduino. So say button 1 turns pin 1 on/off. But I didn't know how to read from the IR receiver correctly. If you could guide me in the right direction to start this I would be grateful.

I connected the signal pin of the IR receiver to a Digital input pin. Is it supposed to be connected there or into an Analog input? And what vi from the arduino platte am I supposed to use to read the buttons being received by the IR receiver ?


Hope this makes more sense. And thank you for your replies in advance.

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I would try posting on the LIFA discussion board as the users who follow that board are more inclined to answer questions on LabVIEW interfacing with Arduino. They may also have more experience with what you are trying to do. When posting i would recommend posting your LabVIEW code so users can point out where you went wrong or what you can be doing better.


LabVIEW Interface for Arduino (LIFA) Forums:


Michael B.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 



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Thanks Michael


I didn't know there was a discussion board for LIFA only or I would've posted there to begin with. Still new to all this stuff. Thanks for the info! and not leaving me hanging 

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