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LabVIEW for Linux Module Dependencies

Does anyone know of where I can find a list or table of the module dependencies for running a compiled LabVIEW app on linux?

Practical Physics, LLC
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I am not sure if this is exactly what your question was...but you will need to the LabVIEW run time engine to deploy an executable on a Linux system. More information may be found at the latest manual for the App builder, and if this doesn't cover your question please repost and let me know more about what you want so that I may help you.

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The dependencies I am looking for are the OS modules required for the LabVIEW runtime engine to work. I am considering building my own Linux OS and I don't want to remove a package during my customizing that the runtime engine requires for proper operation. I'll try to download the App Builder manual for Linux and see if that helps.

Practical Physics, LLC
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Hey Chris,

I have checked with our developers and, unfortunately, we do not have a list of necessary modules needed for the RTE. Because Linux is open source, we develop for specific builds which we then document and fully support. In this case, the required information extends beyond one of those supported builds and we do not have that available.

I would be glad to take any further questions you may have...but on this specific issue I may not be of much help.

Are you trying to "trim down" the OS and eliminate all that is not needed? I am just wondering what would be wrong with leaving a supported build intact and adding on from there. Aside from this...a guess and check method may be the only alternative. (though I know that would not be very time effective)

National Instruments
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LabVIEW Support Team
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