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LabVIEW drivers for Agilent 4352B VCO signal analyzer

Does anyone know were I can download the drivers for an Agilent 4352B VCO signal analyzer?
Thank you!
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As you have probably found out, NI does not have a driver for that instrument. You might want to check with Agilent to see if they ever developed any type of driver. Many of the drivers they write can be imported into LabVIEW. The only types of drivers that can't be used are ones written for VEE. If they don't have a driver and no one posts back saying they have one, then you have a couple of options. You can use the Instrument I/O Assistant and use that for the commands you need. You can write your own complete driver. You can hire an experienced LabVIEW programmer to write a driver for you. LabVIEW 8.x has the Create Instrument Driver Project Wizard to help you get started with your own driver and there is additional information at under the Develop subject.
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Thank you for your input. Regards, Lee
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