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LabVIEW data collection over a set time



I've put together a labview Vi (see attached) to collect data from a flow sensor and some RTDs on a solar panel through a myRIO. The data will be collected over a period of about 5-6 hours through the write to measurement file. However I don't want it to be constantly collecting the data though as that would be too much. I'm just wondering is there a way I can set it that it collects data for 5mins and stops, then 30mins later collects for another 5mins and stops and repeats this process for the time needed? I'm still learning labview and it has taken me a few weeks to get this far with the VI, so any help on this last bit would be brilliant.



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Hey all,


Just wondering if someone could help with this as I'm still struggling with it. I've been messing around with case structures and timed sequence but I really don't know enough about labview to get them to do what I want.



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There are a few ways to accomplish it. You can set up a loop that runs all the time, grabs data, puts it into a buffer. The on some interval decimate the data and save it to a file. 


You can set up a loop that runs all the time that looks at the date time and every 30 mins grabs some samples then saves them to a file. 


check out the example: datalogging 

in Help/ find examples 

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