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LabVIEW FPGA: Not possible to create an executable that uses the FPGA in Simulation Mode? I get an odd error code

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When I try to create an executable out of a host VI which has an "Open FPGA VI Reference" set to one that has execution set to "Dev Computer w/ Sim I/O", the application builds without error but when I attemp to run it, it opens with a broken run arrow and has the following error:


"VI has an error of type 2302200.  The full development version of LabVIEW is required to fix the errors."  It actually repeats this message twice in the same window for some reason. 


By the way, I *do* have the full development version of LabVIEW and I'm using 2010 SP1

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Accepted by topic author SeanDonner

While the error message is not as clear as it could be, you are correct: you cannot run an executable that tries to run an FPGA VI in simulation.  It would be nice if there were an error message at build time.  I keep forgetting to switch to run on the FPGA target before building my application and discover the error only after I've copied it onto the system in the lab.

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Thanks for the response. Hopefully NI can add this as a CAR.

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