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LabVIEW Advanced I:Architectures Course Kit

I was thinking of purchasing the LabVIEW Advanced kit.   I have the LabVIEW 8.0.1 the full version and the application builder. 
On the course outline it states that LabVIEW Professional Development is the product used.  Is there any limitations with me using the kit? Is it still worth the money?
After completion of the kit will I receive any kind of certificate acknowledging that I have completed this course?
Also, I am assuming LabVIEW 8 is used, correct?
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Hi Brian,

There are definitely some topics covered in the Advanced course which are not available in the FDS.  XControls, Source Control integration, complexity metrics and polymorphic VIs are the ones that I can think of.  Of course, you could always use an evaluation copy of the PDS to do the course material, but if you normally work in the FDS it might not be worth your time to learn those topics.

Course kits don't come with a certificate, although classroom based courses do.

The course is taught in LabVIEW 8.0 and does utilize LabVIEW 8 specific features (XControls, SCC API, Project API and Project Libraries).


Hope that answers your questions,
Ryan King
Course Development Engineer
Training and Certification Dept.
National Instruments

Message Edited by ryank on 07-14-2006 03:15 PM

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Thanks Ryan.

I think I will ask my employer to purchase this kit for me.

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