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LabVIEW 2023 Q3 TDMS write error. LabVIEW: cannot load the USI components the Storage/DataPlugin VIs require.

I opened the built in example "TDM Channel Groups.lvproj" in my LabVIEW 2023 Q3.

When I run the Write TDM Channel I got the following error:


Error -2560 occurred at Close Data Storage

LabVIEW: (Hex 0xFFFFF600) LabVIEW cannot load the USI components the Storage/DataPlugin VIs require.

These components are installed by LabVIEW and DIAdem.


I checked in my NI Package Manager, I found the NI USI core is Installed:

Screenshot 2024-01-30 214210.png


then I tried to install LabVIEW DataPlugin SDK.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 215009.png


Still Got same Error. 

Any idea?

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installed the Update LabVIEW 2023 patch 2.
Everything looks fine.

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Just Noticed that Writing to TDMS files works fine. But not for TDM file.
write to TDM file keep saying the same error -2560
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Why the USI core (LabVIEW DataPlugin) become unstable?

sometimes works fine, and sometimes not with Error -2560 "Cannot Load the USI Components …"


And when the error occurs, the DataPlugin List in Open Data Storage Configuration is blank, as bellow:

Screenshot 2024-02-27 204340.png


I've recently repairing the USI core in NI Package Manager.

Still not fixing the issue yet.


Any one experiencing the same?

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