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LabVIEW 2022 Q4, NI 488.2 Driver Issue

Hello Guys 

Recently I upgraded my LabVIEW development version  to 2022 Q4 and started building installer which should includes NI-488.2 runtime drivers(2022 ver).
Installer working fine in my PC in which development version of LabVIEW installed.
But when I tried to install in other PC there is an issue that unable to find GPIB devices rest is working fine.
Even under NI MAX device and interfaces unable to find GPIB device.

By using NI Pack Manager I uninstalled NI-488.2 (2022 Ver ) drivers and Installed NI-488.2 (17 Ver)  after that its working fine.

Can anyone please explain why this happen with new drivers is there any thing that I was missing.

Thanks & Regards 


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