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LabVIEW 2021 SP1 is available for download but not through the NI update Service?

I don't know why but it is...


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I think it always took a while until things appear in the update. This way it's a more gradual rollout and the adventurous early adopters can help iron out any bugs that might pop up.


Immediately pushing it to the entire world is riskier. 😄

(Just guessing. I don't know any details of course).

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I have always wondered why they seem to sneak the service packs out. The NI update service is slow to show it and there doesn't seem to be any announcement at all. Or am I missing something? I would like to get an email saying: "SP1 released today. We made all these bugfixes. You can install it today." I try to follow NI on the usual channels too but I don't think I ever see anything there.


New LabVIEW versions are also slow to be announced and are too silent. Boast about them more!


When available, I always spend some time looking in the upgrade notes, and wonder why the new features are not presented in a more accessible way. What has improved is that DarrenN has his less than a minute presentations that I happen to see on LinkedIn (I think, or is it FB maybe). Those are great!


And for some time now, NI update service cannot connect:


Haven't looked into the reason why since that service is always slower than me manually checking if there is something new. I think I never had it actually making me aware of anything new that I did not know of another way.


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