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I am trying to set up a program where I can record the voltage of My USB -6008 Data Loggers and scale that voltage to get the correct number from my Omega Strain meter. So far I have successful on getting voltage from the Strain Meter to the Data Logger into the program and scale it through the DAQ assist to get the correct number. I have also been able to export it into excel but would like some formatting help.


What I really need help with is to be able to select certain signals for certain tests. For example: test 1 using signals 1,2,7,8 ... test 2 using 3,4,7,8, and then any Ideas on how to improve what I have set up would be great.




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YOu can probably use a straight split signals instead of the select signals box. As for test 1, 2, 3, rout your wires through a case structure and have button options for each test case? So only that voltage data you want at a time is what is used.

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I'm pretty new at this so forgive my inexperience. Where should I put the case structure in order to be able to control the system. All signals are routed through the DAQ assist and the select signal is really only being used for indicators. I tried playing around with it where I replaced the select signal to a split signal but was only getting one data set when it exported to excel. As well the case structure is showing up with a wiring error on the output side.

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After you combine the two sets of signals from the DAQmx, you need to put the case structure to select which signals then go to the logging VI.

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