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Lab PC+ Gain Setting

The Lab PC+ has a software adjustable analog input gain setting according to
the user manual, but does not describe where the adjustment is. Does anyone
Thanks for the help,

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The gain is set when you specify the range of your input signal. If you use traditional DAQ, you use AI Config and use the inputs limits control. If you use DAQmx, you use DAQmx Create Channel and specify the range with the minimum value and maximum value inputs. The driver will then pick the best range setting.
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The Lab PC+ is an old ISA card.  I have one, but am not currently using it.  The analog input range is jumper selectable only.  It is either bipolar +/- 5V or unipolar 0-10V.  The manual shows how to change this.  Also, it will not work with DAQmx, only NI DAQ 6.9.3 or earlier.
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