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LV7 application build without diagrams

When I strip out diagrams and then do an app build in LV7 I get the following error:-

Error 1073 occurred at C:\lv7 error\lv7 without diagrams\internal.llb\hello

If I build the application with diagrams then no problems.

Examples attached....
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When you built an application, the diagram will be removed during the built process. You probably should not remove it before that.
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Thanks for the reply.

I actually need to build the application with some diagrams removed. I have been supplied libraries of subvi's with the diagrams removed.

It works fine in LV6.1. It seems that there has been a step backwards in LV7.
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I have just tried the same thing with LV7.1 on a friends computer.

Works fine if I check "disconnect type definitions and unused polymorphic VI instances" in the application settings tab of the Application Builder dialog. This option not available on LV7.

Does that mean I have to pay to upgrade to 7.1 just to go back to 6.1 functionality?
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One way around it if at least your toplevel VI has a diagram: Specify "Small target file with external file for subVIs" as built option.

After the built, you can substitute your own llb with the diagram-less VIs as data.llb. You might have to make a few dummy VIs with the same name for the built so they are called correctly. Seems to work, but sounds painful.

Maybe there is a better solution somewhere. I'm curious.
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Hello mr_e_cat,

I found some information on this problem at:

It seems as though you are going to need a clever workaround, or need to include the diagram with LabVIEW version 7.0...

Travis M
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Travis M
National Instruments
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Thanks Travis.

That link does explain the problem. It seems that I need to upgrade to 7.1. The 7.0 solutions are impractical.

For the time being I am moving back to 6.1. Which works just fine.
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The solution you propose is too painful. I am reverting to 6.1. I will get 7.1 when I can justify it.

Thanks for the help.
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