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LV 2023 Q1 VI to overwrite no longer takes over the icon of the parent method


I have recently started using LV2023 Q1. I write my programmers purely with the Actor Framework, and in this regard I have noticed that LabVIEW no longer takes the icon from the parent methods of the VIs for Overrides from the Actor Framework. Even self-written methods that I overwrite in the child class no longer adopt the icon.
Is this a bug or a new feature?
Is there any way to change this?
Generating a new icon for an overridden VI every time is very time-consuming, especially if you only work with actors like I do and often overwrite the same VIs.

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Hi Apriori

Seems like a bug. You can Report a Bug by following this link to help them improve this kind of problems. 




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Any feedback from NI on this? I'm in the same boat. Its so annoying... 

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must be a bug... this page just created a month ago mentions the automatic icon creation and no mention of being able to turn it on or off.

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Not sure if a bug report was filed or not, so I have created one as well just in case. Report number 02144269.

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I contacted NI and only got a response from them last week:

we have created bug case 2350519 to resolve this issue. I have received confirmation from RnD that there is currently no suitable workaround for the version that presents this problem.

In this regard, please expect a workaround for this issue in the upcoming release of LabVIEW or the upcoming patch for the reported version.


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thanks for update.

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