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LV 2023 Q1 CE MacOS - Window Flashing?

Anyone else seeing this window flashing? Is this version of LV for Mac not using hardware graphics, or maybe I haven't found where to set the option?



MBA 13 inch 2020, 1.1 GHz, quad Intel Core i5, Intel Iris+ GPU

MacOS Big Sur 11.6.2



LV app developed in 2015 in LV 2011 on MBA. Notice that in one tab there is severe flashing, but in other tab, the same function does not cause flashing. Code uses same "events" to catch cursor move; then switch to case/state to handle cursor move: index into 2D array based on cursor location and line plot the selected data. 2D array is 720 x 256 doubles in local variable.


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LabVIEW 2011 trying to run on Mac OS 11.6.2? That's quite asking for trouble.


There are in fact 10 years between the release of the two! MacOS always has been a little tricky since Apple likes to change things between versions in ways that an old application simply never could have anticipated. Their display driver interface is notable for that.


Recent macOS versions had specifically problems with the new display driver defaults simply crashing on older LabVIEW versions or causing bad display artifacts since they changed buffer settings and similar. It can be usually fixed by some command line trickery to change certain default values in the settings of those drivers. But it is kind of hard to track these tricks since only very few people who still use the Mac have the expertise to actually know about where and how to search.


The easiest is to simply use a LabVIEW version that was actually released AFTER the according MacOS system was officially released.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Thanks Rolf,


Sorry about the confusion: This app was developed with LV 2011 on a 2015 MBA (and actually the app began many years before that with previous versions of LV and older Macs). The point of this was that this is not a new app being developed on LVCE 202+... I'm porting a long-standing app to LVCE 2023 Q1.


Yup, I can see that it must be a challenge for NI to keep up with Apple's changes in hardware.


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It's interesting that some forms of screen refreshes seem to work just fine:

 - changing a CLUT updates relatively quickly (as in older versions of LV)

 - recomputing an entire 2D matrix and redrawing also seems to execute fairly quickly (as in older versions of LV)

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