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Keeping Units in a Histogram

Hello All!


I am trying to use the General (Functions/Mathematics/Probability & Statistics/General, and my 1-D Array input has a unit of time (us or ns).  When I connect the output of the array (output of a "for loop", double precision), I must remove the units via the "unit" (Functions/Numeric/Conversion/Convert Unit) tool, which I have used to remove the units....  


Is there any way that I can keep the units while using the General ?




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Hi Bryan,


What do you mean when you say your array has a unit of time?


Could you send me a screen shot of your code so I can better understand your situation?




Rachel D.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I think the only way is to turn off the units (using Convert Units) before you use the General Histogram and the turn them on again at the output.




Aray with units

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Here is an example of how I am using the general  .... I cannot show my actual code, as it is non-published research as of right now, but this shows my problem.  

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I'll also attach the VI I made for that picture... Thank you!

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