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Issues with parallel executions

I originally posted this in the TestStand forums, but i got no replys, so i figured i will post it here instead.


I am having problems with opening up TCP- and SSH-connections in parallel. The VI:s are set to reentrant execution and i also made sure that two clones are opened with the correct IP-addresses.

I am connecting to two local networks with two network adapters. Running the code sequentially is no problem.

When i try to run the VI in parallel, one thread connects without problems while one gets a timeout after a delay with error message ".... exceeded the user specified time limit". I have tried with longer time limits.


I have included a simplified version of the open tcp VI here, it is just a simple usage of Open TCP connection.

What am i missing? Do i have to open the vi as a reference and use "Start Asynchronous Call"?


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It should certainly be possible to make multiple TCP/IP connections using various protocols, and to do it in parallel.  I'm a little confused why you are using reentrant code, and whether or not the entire communication package or just the "establish the connection" part is reentrant.


In one of my LabVIEW RT projects, I establish four network stream connections with my Remote Target, using a combination of serial and parallel processes (just a sec -- I'll look it up ...).  On the PC side, I ask "Make Stream 1, Make Stream 2, ..." serially, and on the Remote side, the "listeners" are all in parallel, "Wait and connect to Stream 1, Wait and Connect to Stream 2, ...".  These are not reentrant routines.


Bob Schor

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All you show is is a glorifiled wrapper around "TCP open" which does not look any different than using the original primitive (except for the missing connector assignment and unconventionals error terminal placements).

Please show us the entire communication code, especially the parallel parts.

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