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Issue with opening and running independent VI in another independent EXE

I am trying to run the front panel of one system(B) in the front panel of another system(A).  System A is being run as an executable.  I have built a source distribution folder with all the dependents (I believe) for the front panel of System B.  The folder was put into the folder containing the EXE.


I am getting Error 1003 when I run system A.  This error is being generated from the Run Method Node in the Open Heater VI.  It says that the front panel VI of system B can't be run even though I can open that VI up independently from the source distribution folder and there are no broken arrows and the VI operates like it is supposed to.


I had a previous system that I put together that is very similar to this.  I had issues with it, but was able to get over the learning curve and get it to work.  I am just wondering what I may be doing incorrectly with this one since it was a long time since I did the other one. 


In the system that I am working on now the design for System A is a lot more complicated, but I wanted to share a simpler design to make it easier to run.  I have attached a zip file for both system projects.  System A is in the test folder and System B is in the Bunker 2 with Extension Heater Folder.


There was a knowledge article that I was directed to and below are my responses to that.


Cause 1:

The heater cRIO wasn't being overloaded, but I noticed the bunker cRIO was. So I fixed that issue. Unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.


Cause 2:

I don't use aliasing or programmatic access.


Cause 3:

I don't see this being an issue since each projects front panel VI can read the shared variables for it's own system.


Cause 4:

Ran EXE as an administrator and still didn't work.


Cause 5:

I don't believe I am changing any shared variable properties programmatically.


Cause 6:

Not using OPC tags. Don't even know what they are.


Cause 7:

Here is what I get from the progress window when I deploy the application to the heater cRIO. From what I see it appears to be deploying the variables like they are supposed to be.



Calculating dependencies...

Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while...

Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while...

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib

Deploying NI_PID_pid.lvlib

Deploying NI_Real-Time Target Support.lvlib

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Digital_Input\\\PID_Monitoring\Digital_Input deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Heart_Beat\\\PID_Monitoring\Heart_Beat deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Heater_Control\\\PID_Monitoring\Heater_Control deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Heater_Values\\\PID_Monitoring\Heater_Values deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Htr_Fan_Enable\\\PID_Monitoring\Htr_Fan_Enable deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:RT_CPU_LOAD\\\PID_Monitoring\RT_CPU_LOAD deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:RT_ERROR\\\PID_Monitoring\RT_ERROR deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Stop_Heaters\\\PID_Monitoring\Stop_Heaters deployed.

Deploying PID_Monitoring.lvlib:Temp_Setpoint\\\PID_Monitoring\Temp_Setpoint deployed.

Waiting for the target (External-Heater-cRIO9075) to respond

Deploying External-Heater-cRIO9075(successfully deployed target settings)

Deploying Bunker Extension Heater

Deploying Bunker Extension Heater.lvproj

Deploying External-Heater-cRIO9075 Container

Deployment completed successfully


I am using LV 2014 SP1, Windows 10.  The two systems I am working with are interfacing to cRIO 9074 (B) and a cRIO 9075 (A).


I am a bit under the gun to get this to work.  So if you can see anything that I may have done incorrectly please let me know.


Thank you for your help,


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Check this information seems very useful:


Error 1003 Occurs When Trying to Create an Executable




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Are these VIs running under RT?


If so see the bottom of this KB article.



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One other thought I had is are any of your VIs marked to separate the compiled code from the source? Also, when you built the source distribution was it for the correct target?

Mark Yedinak
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Thanks for the response.  The VI that is giving me the problem is running on my Laptop computer.  So no issues with unsupported controls or indicators on RT VIs.

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Thanks for the response.  I assume that option unchecked would be the default when starting any VIs.  I don't believe I have ever checked that option, so I would assume that none of them have it.



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Is is off by default. It can be set as a global option for all new VIs, or as a project/class/library option for new VIs within those items.

Mark Yedinak
Certified LabVIEW Architect
LabVIEW Champion

"Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?"
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
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Thanks for your response.


The error comes from the Run Invoke Node so I assume the problem is with the VI that I am trying to run with it.  But I did go over the suggestions in the article that you posted.

1. The VI I am trying to run doesn't have any issue running in it's project or as an executable on it's own.  So I assume none of it's subVIs have an issue.

2.  I couldn't find any conditional disable diagrams in any of the code.

3. I did the force recompile.

4. Didn't install App builder by itself.

5. I did a mass compile on the main project.

6. No name duplication that I am aware of.

7. Not sure about this one because I was able to get a project similar to this working without have to include the VI I am trying to run in the sub panel and it's dependents in a foldered included in the EXE build.

8. Found that Remove unused polymorphic VI instances was selected in the build for the main EXE.

9. I would assume that all the dependencies for the VI are collected in the source distribution folder I created since the VI can run from that folder that is in the EXE folder.



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