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Is there anybody can import/export complicated VI through VIServer?

I tried bundle my inputs, but I still get the same result. It doesn't work. Is there any one who can import/export large and complicated VI via VIserver? My code runs fine when importing/exporting uncomplicated VI. I'm not sure if it's the server's problem or there's a bug in my code.If you guys can import/export complicated VI, then there must be a bug in my program.
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The problem I had was knowing which version of a VI was actually running. If a VI that you call through VIServer has a subVI with the same name as one already in memory, Labview uses the one already in memory. Once I renamed all the subVIs on the server application, I had no trouble calling large programs. Typically, the VIs that I call have 3 inputs and 3 outputs, all clusters and arrays and have lots of sub-VIs. Hope this helps.

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