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Is there any way to restore a vi from a stand alone application

I was trying to setup a datasocket write from a vi and was going to test the datasocket read. I received about 5 "Insane errors" when I hit run that seemed to reference Fieldpoint(the main vi reads from Fieldpoint). Completely bombed me out of labview and it seems that these errors totally wiped out the main program...The file is still in the directory titled the same, but at 0kb and when I open it is untitled and completely blank no code no nothing. The only backup I have is a stand alone application. Is there any way of getting back to the block? First time I've ever seen Labview erase the entire program contents...lesson learned I guess.
Thanks in advance,
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I've never heard about something like this, but first rule anyway - ALWAYS (ALWAYS!!!) BACKUP.
As for the answer - if you built the application with the default settings, you can't extract the BD because there isn't one, only compiled code. Some people build applications as collections of LLBs, which they can then replace, without replacing the EXE itself, but I'm assuming this isn't your case.

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