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Is there a way to send the data from labview to vector canoe can bus?

what is the use of integrating vector CANoe and labview and i have shared data between CANoe using shared variables is there any other things like send data to bus or any other things we can perform?

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Using the shared variable, you can control the CANoe software to send CAN frame from Vector hardware from LabVIEW.

NI has its own automotive network devices known as NI-XNET CAN, LIN, and FlexRay Platform. They are natively supported in LabVIEW via the NI-XNET driver.

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Why we have to integrate Vector CANoe and Labview?

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How to access environment variable in Vector Canoe using Labview. I have seen we can do it using activex library but i  don't have idea on activex library and how to setup it. Can anyone help in this please?

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Or you can get the Vector CanLib driver for LabVIEW here:

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