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Is there a command to close or open the H/L Select switch directly (PXI 2501/2503 Multiplexer)

The schematic diagram (see below) shows PXI-2503 in the 1-Wire 48x1 topology.  The SPDT switch labeled as "H/L SEL" used to switch between channels 0-23 (positive side ) and channels 24-47 (negative side of 0-23).  Channels can be selected in LabVIEW by sending commands using the NI-Switch virtual instrument driver as shown below.


Selecting (closing) channel 23 in LabVIEWSelecting (closing) channel 23 in LabVIEW


H/L SEL opens whenever any channel from 0-23 is selected and closes whenever any channel from 24-47 is selected.


The NI manual seems to imply the the switch can be controlled by name.


from 2503 manual appendix Dfrom 2503 manual appendix D


I've tried sending commands to open or close H/L SEL directly but can't get them to work.  I also tried the commands "H/LSEL", "HL SEL", and "HLSEL" but those failed as well.


Is there a command to control this switch directly?  If so, what is it?


Command for H/L SEL failsCommand for H/L SEL fails



PXI 2503 Mux in 1-Wire 48x1 topologyPXI 2503 Mux in 1-Wire 48x1 topology

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