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Is it possible to rotate a control/indicator in the panel?

I'm using labview 6.0

I tried customizing the control/indicator but I don't know how to do it...

Thank you.
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Left click on the control you want to customize to select it and under the edit menu>> select customize control. This will bring up another window for you to customize the control and save it as a custom control to be used anywhere.

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Hi Txvs,

with LabVIEW nearly everything is possible ........

find attached a wonderful "Image" that I have used for Animation of vi's

I found an example of self made Button on website

Hope this helps
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sorry I have sent LV6.1 in first answer.....

herewith again in 6.0

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I think I'm not explaining the problem well...

What I want to do is something like the image attached.

(I know where is the "costumize control" window, but I don't know how to rotate controls).

Thanks for your answers 😉
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LabVIEW does not have the ability to rotate controls or indicators. For Booleans, you can replace the picture items with images that you've rotated in some image editor but that's about it.
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OK, understood. Thanks anyway.

Bye 😉
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Congratulations Warner!!!  Smiley Wink Your file Image_Spin is perfect for my project. Thank you so much. Now, I want to know if you´ve done a VI to move images linearly instead of rotate them? Which block can I use instead of "rotate pixmap"?  If you can help me I´ll be really really grateful!  Smiley Happy Please...


Verónica C

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This thread is over a decade old and Warner has not logged on to his account for 6 years.


I would suggest making a new post explaining what you are looking to do and what you have tried so far.  This will make it easier for people to search for the same problem you are looking to solve.

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