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Is it possible to have application builder autosize the vi window when installed a host computer?

I have finally managed to get my large vi properly installed on a host computer with all of the proper components. I am pschyed! Here is my issue:


I created the vi on a widescreen monitor and tested it on a normal monitor. Although all of the functions on the front panel were accessible on the widescreen monitor, some are just out of view on the host computer (not left to right but top to bottom since the host computer monitor is not as large vertically). One of the functions in the vi generates a screenshot html report. I don't want any of the information to be missing regardless of the screen size of the host computer. Is there a way to autosize the vi front panel to account for different screen sizes?


Also, when I run the vi on the host computer, the vi window does not fill the screen. It is a partial window that needs to be maximized and repositioned every time the vi is run. Is there a way to set the window size and view of the vi when it is run?


Thanks in advance.

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When you say a screenshot of your VI, are you using the Invoke Node to get your front panel image? If so, you can just wire a false constant to the Visible Are Only node and you will not have to worry about loosing any of your front panel.  You can also set the front panel position using the invoke node: VI»Front Panel»Run Time Position.

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