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Is it possible to have LabView interpret a MAT file produced by simulink?

I've searched here and the knowledge base and have found it's possible to have LabView read MAT files saved in ascii tab delimited format.
I'm however wanting to use labview to read a mat file generated by a stand alone executable built using real time workshop from a simulink model and there isn't the option in the block properties to save in this format.
Will I need to get the MAT file format and write an interpreter or is there a way round this.
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That would really depend on the format that your program will generate. LabVIEW's "Read Spreadsheet File" function allows you to specify what the delimiter is. Tab is just the default.

For a more unusual format, you can always use the "Read Characters" function and process the input.

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Hi Robert,
I'm currently working on a toolkit, which reads and visualizes simulation results saved to mat format.
How argent is your problem?
Andras Ferencz
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If you haven't yet located it, here is the location of the Matfile format document:
I am still debating whether to develop a LabVIEW-based interpreter for Mat files.
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