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Is LabVIEW limited in the amount of memory it can use during development%3F

I have a PXI test set, that uses a PXI-8106 Controller using Windows XP Pro. I'm maxed out on my RAM at 4GB, but I having issues where LabVIEW report broken vi's, depending on the number of vi's I have in memory, usually citing dll's failing to load properly. However, if I close LabVIEW and restart, and load the previously reported broken code module, everything is fine.


Would like to understand better what may be causing this type of behavior?

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It is hard to tell without seeing code, but in general array need to be contiguous in memory, so if you have huge arrays that constantly grow ans shrink, you get memory fragmentation. After a while, a contiguous block of memory of the needed size is no longer available.


It could also be that you app has a memory leak, e.g. if data structures grow over time without limits. Are you building arrays in uninitialized shift registers, for example? Are you contantly opening new references without ever closing the old ones? etc...

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This behavior occurs simply by loading the code into memory, I'm not even executing it, so nothing "should be" growing with existing memory allocations??

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What is the total memory use of LabVIEW once you load your project? Are you sure it is a memory issue?


Your 32bit windows XP can use a max of 2-3GB (details).

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No, I'm not sure it's memory, but given the conditions in which I am seeing this behavior, memory seemed to be the likely culpritt. I only see this issue after I've loaded many code modules into memory. If you have any other suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


Windows task manager reports LabVIEW at ~ 500,000K Memeory usage when I'm developing.

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