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Invoke Run of non re-entrant on a block diagram in the same call chain

I use GOOP a lot and at the moment I am trying to write a automatic serialiser. To accomplish this I am trying to run the as a call by reference but as the terminal for the class will vary depending on the caller I need to use invoke run, where the VI reference is opened using the path.


This works fine when the isn't placed on the block diagram, but when it is I get error 1000 out of the invoke node.


Is there any work around for this or am I taking the wrong approach?


I've attached a simplified and the actual project I'm using.



OpenG required for actual project and run the tester vi in the child class

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Hi Jashcroft,


I once wanted to do that and stumbled upon the same problems.


Some suggestions:

 - Make "<class>" reentrant;

 - Create a reentrant wrapper method for "<class>", which you can call dynamically;

 - Create a dynamic dispatch method "" method for each class, which will contain the serialization code and output a string.


However it implies modifying all your classes, thus making the idea of an "automatic serializer" lose a bit of its interest.


Alternatively you could look into creating your own GOOP class template, e.g. "Serializable_Simple_4x4x4" or "Serializable_Singleton_4x4x4".

See this discussion for more infos.




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