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Interact Basler Camera with Labiview and convert image colours in temperature


as the title suggests I need to combine a Basler camera with labview ( version 8.6 or higher) and convert the colours of the image in temperature signals. I have some thermocouples which measure temperatures of a black paper which change colour with the temperature, so I would like either to:

1) define a calbiration curve so that for each colour corresponds a temperature

2) dinamically calibrate, so that labview reads the temperature from the tempscan and at the same time knows the colour and derive a curve of calibration (of course we are speaking about a high number of measurements of temperature: 24).


I guess the first method should be straightforwards, since I'm new to LV as well as to this camera I would like to know if you might give me any suggestion how to implement the curve of calibration and pick up the photo. The second method, I think is nice but quite difficult.


Thank you very much




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Hi Antonio,


We have already spoken on the phone but I thought it would be a good idea to attach the very basic example code on here so that the community can see it.


The code converts a colour into a decimal number. This number can then be used with a look-up table or calibration curve to get the respective temperature signal.

Kind Regards

NIUK Application Engineer
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