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Installation of labview on a Raspberry pi 400

Hello, I'm trying to install the newest version of LabView on my Raspberry Pi 400. Since I won't find some installation guides without using an external device, I'm affraid, that I can't use LabView only with my Raspbian OS.

Have someone been lucky with the Installation of LabView on an Raspberry Pi 400?

It would be very helpful, if he or she could guide me through.


Thanks a lot for your help,





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Did you try "Google"?  Here is an article called "Getting Started with Raspberry PI and LabVIEW Community Edition" which tells you how to do this, for hobbyists only!  That's because it uses LabVIEW Community Edition, which cannot be used for Academic, Research, or Commercial purposes.  But if you have a licensed version of LabVIEW, the same (or similar) steps should also be able to get you started.


Bob Schor

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There is no LabVIEW IDE that could run on the Raspi. What you can do is using a Raspi as target to run compiled programs from a project. But the IDE to develop  such applications needs to run on a Windows computer.

Rolf Kalbermatter
DEMO, TU Delft
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