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Inf value for simple quotient

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I'm getting an Inf value for a simple quotient, can't seem to fix it but I'm sure it's beyond trivial. Help anyone? Please see attached, thanks!

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Accepted by topic author Sametron

What's the value of "Input Voltage of Signal 2"?  Are you sure that's the case that's executing?  Have you tried setting a breakpoint just before it reaches that point, then enabling Execution Highlighting (the "light bulb" icon in the toolbar) when it pauses at the breakpoint so you can see the intermediate results of the computation?  Or, have you tried probing the wires to see the values on them?

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Ahhhh, THANK YOU!! Yes, the copy and paste I did not pay attention to... I think I can bypass this by bringing my input voltage outside the case? In any case (no pun intended) thanks again!!

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