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Including ActiveX Class


I have doubt in how to add the required activeX Class for the excel object through the browse option.

I raise this question because initially i created this excel application constant from the automation open function. At that time i when i right clicked for the select ActiveX class option it was showing only two options like Excel.Range and Excel._Application.


After going through the examples in the forum i found the same constant has other option as shown in the figure (Excel._workbook and excel.Sheets) when the select ActiveX class option is right clicked.


So how can we browse and select the required option by our self.


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You must choose select Active X class\browse\Microsoft excel object library version..\workbooks collections or something else.


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Asking a complex question, particularly one involving non-NI software (ActiveX, Excel) without showing it in its LabVIEW context and in a "Forum-friendly" format (which means "as a VI or an entire LabVIEW Project, zipped up by compressing the entire Project folder", not as a static "look-at-me" image) doesn't give us much to go on.  I use Excel together with LabVIEW in several ways, including (occasionally) ActiveX, but have no idea what you need.


Bob Schor

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