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Ideas to restructure program without popups LABVIEW 7.0

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I am working with Labview 7.0.

Can someone help suggest a structure on how to architect a current program I have.

It is currently calling for a

that looks like this





within this flow of sequence diagrams,

it calls for test

that looks like this



then when it calls for



throughout the ATP, there are many popup messages asking the user to prompt OKAY, PASS OR FAIL, ETC.

along with status of cool down timer.

This programs has over 50 popup messages and windows keep going on and off the screen on a one CRT monitor.

Which makes it not easy on the eyes.

Can someone suggest a program structure so I can look into implementing something like this?





Thanks for your help!

Best regards,
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My initial thought is Subpanels.  You can load the front panels of a VI into the subpanel instead of having another window open up.


My other thought while reading your post was State Machine for the sequencing and then another loop with an Event Structure for handling the GUI updates (hint: look into User Events).

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i think creating the subpanels will be easiest.

ill attempt to do that first and see.

I have used user events before. it just have been a while. I have to look into it again.


Best regards,
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For simple messages that might want to be displayed at certain times in a program, I wrote a VI I called "Bulletin Board" that had a reference to a String Indicator on the Main Front Panel, a message to be displayed, and some formatting information (such as Font Size, Color, etc.).  When called, it formatted and wrote the message into the indicated String.


I only had a single Message (typically an Instruction to the User -- "Weigh the Sample", "Put Sample in Test Chamber", "Start the Test").  The program would call Bulletin Board with the appropriate Message at the appropriate time.  Of course, this assumes your PopUp can be reduced to a single indicator (like a message string).  


Bob Schor


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I started using subpanels but once I made changes to my MAIN.VI.

I am getting that error message.

everytime I tried to replace the MAIN.VI once I saved it. It said that I cant replace a VI that's sub sequential.

With that in mind. I tried going back to my (saved ones) and I received this error message.




what am I doing wrong?

how do I go back or move forward with the changes.

Working with windows 2000 is not too fun 😞

Best regards,
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@krispiekream wrote:

Working with windows 2000 is not too fun 😞

Wait a minute -- are you using Windows 2000?  Windows XP has been "put out to pasture" by Microsoft, so how much more "dangerous" must Windows 2000 be?  


Bob Schor

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