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I tried building with .EXE in 2023 Q3, but it force quits. A solution is needed.

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I didn't try it in 2023 Q1 and Q2, and the build was successful in 2022 Q3. I tried using it, but the build failed in 2023 Q3. No errors are displayed. It just forces a shutdown.

I posted this article twice on the Korean community, but it was treated as spam both times.

We have a duty to know about this matter

If anyone has experienced the same problem as me and solved it, please suggest a solution to my problem.


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First, try building by enabling the "build log" switch in the Advanced menu.

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I checked the build log as you suggested, but the issue of forced termination remains the same

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And what do you see in the log file?

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덕분에 해결했다 고맙다

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