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I need the detail about how to read the data from spreadsheet file. but the file should not created by labview.

i face some difficulties here. the datas are encrypted...... how to get correct data ..........
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Well, what do you know about the "encryption"? Who encrypted it? Can you open it in any other application?
(Could it be you are trying to read an *.xls file created by micorsoft excel using "read from spreadsheet file"?)
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Actually i created a excel file".xls"(not by using Labview) and then i tried to read that file by using "read spreadsheet file "function. but the output is the array of datas. but datas are not as string... it seems like encrypted...but i need the output like array of string( that means what i entered in excel sheet)
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Excel files are in a propriertary microsoft format. A LabVIEW "spreadsheet" file is a file containing an ASCII table with tabs separating columns and linefeeds separating rows. They are not ther same! 🙂
If you use "write to spreadsheet file" and name the file *.xls, this does NOT make it an excel file, it just tells the operating system to open it with excel if you double-click it. Excel is smart enough to notice that it is not really an excel file and does its best to convert it transparently. The same does not work in reverse.
You have several options:
  1. You can use excel to export your data to something LabVIEW can read. Try e.g. tab delimited text.
  2. You can use e.g. activeX to read an excel file, see:
  3. Search for excel in your example finder for more possibilites.
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ok, Thank you. let me try...
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