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I am trying to build an application in 6.0.2, and it gives me error 1 saying,"Error 1 occurred at SubVI\

I got the newest version of the Run time Engine (which didn't help) and also tried to mass compile which didn't affect it at all. Can somebody help me out with this?
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I may think that you have two VIs with the same name but different versions from each other inside your application. This is related to a common case we find with Error "1", you can see a similar case by visiting the Knowledge Base document named: LabVIEW Application Builder and Error 1: "Error saving file".

Please also check the Application Builder Troubleshooting Wizard for more information in the Application Builder process and common errors.

If you still encounter this error please get in contact with us, you can use the phone or email as well. Please fi
nd the information to contact us at .

Good luck!

Nestor Sanchez
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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