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How would I interface LabVIEW to the gdiplus.dll

Example Function in the gdiplus.dll is
Private Declare Function GdipLoadImageFromFile Lib "gdiplus.dll" (ByVal FileName As Long, GpImage As Long) As Long
It is not clear to me how use this.  In a vb example the FileName is forced to a pointer by StrPtr(FileName).
This seems to be my problem, I have tried the adapt - value and pointer.  I get an error.
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Use Image Toolbox instead:
Image Toolbox is base on gdiplus.
George Zou
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      Since the function declaration uses "As Long" as the datatype, try using numeric datatypes in LabVIEW.  When you run the Visual Basic example, what value is the actual number value that it is passing the .dll?  Also, since the FileName is forced to a pointer in Visual Basic, try the string datatype in LabVIEW with the C string pointer format first, and then the other formats.  Are you using the Standard (WINAPI) calling conventions?  If none of these different options help, please let us know what error code you are getting.
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Thanks, but I did both of them and still get a error.
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      What error code are you getting?


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